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                Custom Made Western Art & Home Decor
                Western Connection
                Strathmore, AB

                Harry Turner

                PHONE: 403-850-1724

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                custom made western art and home decor


                Harry Turner
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                Harry Turner, an Auto Parts man in the Strathmore, Alberta region for most of his life, always had an interest in Western Art.

                What started as a hobby 20 years ago has grown into a major passion.

                Being self-taught, Harry creates custom metal works pieces or works with his clients to create something unique to them using their design ideas.

                Give Harry a call to view and purchase some of his art pieces he has on hand... or he can create something unique for you!
                Harry Turner Western Garden Bee
                Harry Turner Western Holders
                Harry Turner Western Home Decor
                Harry Turner Western Signs
                Harry Turner Western Seasonal


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                HARRY TURNER